Tape Worms and Pork...Monsters Inside your Brain?

by Katy Green

Wash Hands

You may have heard of tapeworms entering the brain as result of eating undercooked pork, so not to freak you out about the tainted stories of meat but according to Huffington Post and Ecorazzi you can also get tapeworms that eat into your brain.

Always was your Hands

No, this not a B movie horror article ... the Shoptobegreen bloggers don't want to scare but we make an effort to check our facts and we take time to verify all credible and questionable sources before we hit the publish button ...so continue reading before you viral the article or discard all of your meat (organic meat is not immune to this type of thing either...stay tuned for upcoming article)

Brain tapeworms aka neurocysticercosis (also Cysticercosis according to the CDC) produce larvae that can latch themselves onto the cranium in the form of large white cysts. Larvae travels through a pig’s bloodstream and attaches to its muscles and the reason why it may be harmful is if you eat pork that contains the larvae cysts (not from undercooked pork but you should never under cook pork).

In addition, the pig has to be infected in order for this to occur (source US National Library of Medicine).  Also according to the CDC, larval cysts infect brain, muscle, or other tissue, and are a major cause of adult onset seizures in most low-income countries.

Seizures are a posisble symptom from Neurocysticercosis

Furthermore, if you work with animals you have a higher chance of contracting it - contact with animal stools or if you are in contact with contaminated water which again is more common in certain areas of Latin America, Asia, and Africa that have poor sanitation and free-ranging pigs raised with access to human feces.

Temperature for Cooking Food
We are NOT saying that all meat sold in this country is always safe either. According to multiple sources there has been an increase in Pediatric Cysticercosis and  Neurocysticercosis  - contaminated food is occasionally eaten in the United States. For example, a person with poor hygiene who is an asymptomatic tapeworm carrier might accidentally contaminate food while preparing it for others (this may also be brought into the country from travel or from relocation unbeknown to the host).

Main point....observe all precautionary measures when handling, cooking or serving meat of any kind.

If you are wondering what to do if your meat is questionable, click here.

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Or you could go Vegan but that is not 100% contamination free either...always wash your vegetables and if questionable don't eat it.

Dear Shoptobegreen Friends:
Always research anything you read and if you don't have time send us a comment and we will do our best to research it for you for FREE! Why, because we care!
Sincerely, Katy Green