Moms are Amazing Every Day!

by Kathy Green

Amazing Moms

I think Mother's Day is great but Mom's are amazing every day so this shoptobegreen Mom is Special Every Day article to anyone who would love to celebrate in honor of their Mon but is not able to be present on that special day or who wants to show Mom love on any day.

Why should we show appreciation for Moms across America on one day only...what about the other important days in her life? 

The milestones or monumental moments that made Mom truly happy like when you were born or her anniversary or her birthday or any day that is special to her...why celebrate for only one day.???

If your Mom is no longer with you on this planet - you can celebrate in her honor or show gratitude to other Moms in your family or Moms you  know...appreciation is a wonderful gift that is valuable on any day which results in positive karma for you and the universe.

We have created a list of earth-friendly activities for you and your Mom!

Vintage Art
Hiking Couple

Adventure Moms Unite:
  • Outdoor Mom's will love hiking the trails with friends and family, enjoy fresh air and exercise. Country Walkers and Trek America offer more than maps and pretty pictures...they guide you the entire process from touring the world to hiking across the USA.
Vintage Picnic Art Scene

Park Moms are Groovy:

Change Your Life Ride a Bike

Motorcycle Mamas may be Cool but Bicycle Moms are Hip:
Pioneer Women Leading the Trail

Pioneer Moms are so Green:
Victorian Style and Dress

Victorian Moms are Fantastic:
Happy Mother's Day and we wish all Moms Happiness Every Day!