Question from a Reader

I received an e-mail asking about finding the perfect pen for signing books, and I wanted to open this question up on Economy Pens to see what everyone else recommends, so please comment and help this guy find some new pens to try!

"I am desperately trying to find a pen to sign books with.  I have spent hours researching Uni-balls and Pentels and Pilots and Sharpies and I still can not tell what the best type of pen is for signing the title page of a trade paperback.  I need something that dries quickly (which I guess means no gel pens) and something with no acid (archival quality), and low bleeding (no liquid inks) but something that is smooth.  Suggestions I have heard are the new Sharpie pens, Jetstream from Uni-ball, which supposedly has a new hybrid ink, or the Energel Deluxe pens from Pentel.  I thought this would be easier than it has turned out to be, and any recommendations you could give would be wonderful"