A Day in Photos - April

Yesterday was a sick day.  Well, kind of.  We got a call Thursday from daycare saying Cruz was running a temp. and needed to be picked up.  Although we've had doctors tell us that fevers and runny diapers are not a result of teething, they seem to pop up every time a tooth is ready to pop.  So, we picked him up, signed the paperwork indicating he was banned from daycare for 24 hours, and headed home for an afternoon of snuggling our little man.  

Friday morning, we woke up to sub plans, sunshine, and no sign of fever.  I had a day to spend with Cruz, who seemed better than ever.  So, we did what any couple would do when they had an unexpected, spontaneous day at home - we went on a date.  A mom and Cruz date.  It was splendid.


9:00. Breakfast at Panera.  An orange scone, a four-cheese souffle, and a caramel latte.  We cheers'ed our drinks, ate the frosting off our scone, and built a tower of plastic cups.   

10:00.  Just Cruz and I in the children's section of Barnes & Noble.  

Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

11:00.  Discovered the railroad...  

12:00.  A good nap after visiting Daddy at the office and getting a ride in the office chair.

Our Barnes & Noble loot...

1:00.  Dinner prep.  Is the Italian flag red, green, and white to represent their signature food ingredients?

2:00.  Post nap Elmo and snack.   

3:00.  Some outside exploration...

(On Cruz: shirt (in lots of other pics) - Zara Baby; skinny jeans - Little 77; coat - Baby Gap; shoes - Nike)


(on me: colored jeans - Gap; sweatshirt - Gap; earrings - H&M; feather clip - AE)


6:00. Yum.  Recipe coming soon.

7:00.  Food coma. 

8:00.  Our date ends with a goodnight kiss.