The Art of Repurposing

This is a little pet project I'd like to share that embodies the very essence of reuse, recycle, reclaimed, and repurposed.

Here we have a wonderful old console TV that I'm sure so many have discarded over the years to the bulging landfills... one man's junk, can truly be another man's treasure.

Large amount of e-waste that was properly recycled by a reputable e-waste recycler... I wonder how long all of this would take to decompose in the landfill?

Gutted, sanded, and ready to be primed, painted, and stained. The interior shelves have been constructed from some scrap pine and some pieces of press board from another old piece of furniture.

An old TV cabinet has now been given new life as a swanky cocktail bar complete with reclaimed mirror bar backing, low VOC interior paint, non toxic water-based stain, and repurposed under cabinet lighting. At the bottom, where the old speaker used to be has now been converted to wine storage complete with a hidden hinged front door panel. This same furniture piece could easily cost someone anywhere between $500 to $1000 at a retail furniture store, but all I had to do is use a little ingenuity, a little elbow grease, and save one man's junk from the landfill.