Pentel EnerGel-X .7 Violet

What can I say? This is just a great pen and excellent value. Unless you hate gel pens, you should probably try one of these. C'mon, $1.25? It's well worth it.

The clip and plunger are both very solid. The pen doesn't say 'EnerGel-X' on the pen, but this is, apparently, called the EnerGel-X. 

The gel itself is actually a combination of gel and liquid ink, so you get fast drying (from the liquid ink) and zero bleeding (from the gel component). 

This grip is very "grippy." The pen does not slip, and the barrel is comfortable enough to prevent fatigue. I have no complaints about the entire writing experience. 

Need more convincing this pen is great? The pen is made of 84% recycled content as part of Pentel's Recycology line. The .7 is available in red, blue, green, and violet. You can also get a .5 black, red, or blue. The .5 is a needle point, which makes me even more enthusiastic. 

I have a .5 in black that I will review at some point, too. In the meantime, go try one of these.