Demolishing Property is Green or Not?

by Katy Green

Eline Nordegren's Mansion
I am a news scanner unless it is a green or finance topic then I take a moment.

I saw a headline yesterday that caught my attention "Tiger Wood's Ex Wife Demolishes $12M Mansion" the first thing that popped into my head was what a waste but since I am not one to make quick judgements, I read the entire article today on another site.

According to Ecorazzi, Elin Nordegren demolished her luxurious home because...
It wasn’t built to the South Florida wind-loading codes of today that were put in place because of hurricanes. We had an architect and a structural engineer out here and everyone agreed that it made more sense – structurally and economically – to tear it down and start over.”
Nordegren invited Habitat for Humanity into the mansion to strip it for all its parts including tens of thousands of dollars worth of cabinets, fixtures and more. For more on the article, click here.
Either way, from a earth friendly perspective it is still not organic to have such a huge monstrosity. Why not live simple?  Does anyone really need that much space? Think of all electricity that is used, etc.

Small Dwellings
I think living small is the best way to leave your carbon footprint. Isn't this pretty:)