Random Acts of Kindness, Cont.

Our countdown to Christmas continues, even though I'm trying like mad to slow down the mittens from coming off the mantle.  Lately, I really feel like I'm sprinting behind this bus of life, only to be left in the dust.  But, we're continuing to make it a point to do something deliberately good every day this month.  It serves as a daily reminder that this season is about much much more than those presents under the tree.  

Dec. 2nd: Purchased toys for our church's Christmas Store.  The 2nd Annual Christmas Store opens on Saturday and provides families who are struggling financially the opportunity to shop for and purchase brand new toys at a great discount.  The goal this year is 1,000 toys.  This, along with a Christmas Craft Fair and Pancake Breakfast are part of Orchard's 'Christmas in Walnut' celebration that seeks to spread God's mission in other areas in the Cedar Valley. 

Dec. 3rd: Paid it forward at the drive-thru at Starbucks.  Thanks to the great idea of a fellow blogger friend (Thanks Staci), I not only purchased a Peppermint Mocha for myself, but treated the car behind me to a free order.  It was fun to think about the story behind the woman in the car, probably out shopping for Christmas and in need to some good ol' holiday caffeine.  I secretly hoped it made her day a little brighter, and even envisioned her being inspired as I was to pay it forward.  I'm not gonna lie---I had a permanent smile on my face half the morning.  

Dec. 4th: Christmas in Mozambique.  More on this to come.  

Dec. 5th: Donated the contents of my car's piggy bank to the Salvation Army tin at Hy-Vee.  I always love hearing stories of these red tins during the month of December.  Engagement rings from a lost love dropped anonymously in the bottom, rare coins worth thousands of dollars.  I love the sounds of the bells ringing as I get out of the car at any given grocery or department store.  I love the rush of the people in and out the doors, some stopping to stick in a couple of ones, others tilting their heads and spreading the spirit with a smile, a friendly 'hello,' or a jolly, 'Merry Christmas.'  I think Christmas shopping would seem a lot different without the familiar sound of the Salvation Army bells, and for that I'll keep of pocket change in my car all season long.