Naughty or Nice

Last year, Cruz couldn't tell Santa Claus from his Grandpa Curt.  He was just over a month old, and was perfectly content hanging out in Santa's arms, whether it be at Jordan Creek in Des Moines, College Square Mall in Cedar Falls, or Crossroads in Waterloo.  In fact, I could have let Cruz chill with Santa while I finished Christmas shopping.  Lots has changed since last year...

We went to visit Santa at the public library in my hometown, the library my mom works at.  The library was holding its annual open house, complete with cookies and punch, displayed artwork from a local artist, an acoustic guitar, and of course, Santa himself.  Cruz made himself at home pretty quickly, and warmed up to just about everything but the man in red.  At times, he'd get so close to him it looked as though he'd climb up in his lap himself, however, once we made the move, he was a goner.

Cruz may have been terrified by Santa Claus, but he was a big fan of the musician.  There he was, completely by himself in the middle of his own little dance floor, feeling the beat and grooving to the Christmas music.  He'd cock his head to the side as if feeling the beat of the music, then sway back and forth with a look of serious concentration.  Every now and then, he'd look up at the young guitarist and grin really big, as if they were the only two characters in the room.  It was adorable and soon attracted quite the crowd of onlookers. 

I stayed busy chasing Cruz around all over the library.  I'm pretty sure he stuck his lips against every glass surface in the building, and had his fair share of the fourteen dozen cookies that ran out well before the open house came to an end.  My favorite was watching my little short stack make his way through the crowds of people in the reception area.  Some people completely stepped over him, while others saw him and patted his blond head.  Cruz waved, said his usual 'hi,' and blew kisses to all the sweet ladies who charmed him.  

Cruz was not the only little squirt unsure of Mr. Claus.  In fact, it seemed the 1-3 age group was the most apprehensive when it came to winning over The Jolly One.  Charly Grace was not a fan of Santa either, but tried her very best to keep her tears inside while she sat on his knee.  

They may have been scared of Santa, but they liked his chair...

After our emotional Santa adventure and Chris and April's annual ugly sweater party last night, we enjoyed a lazy Sunday at home.  Can't believe Christmas Eve is three weeks from tonight!  Please. Go.  SLOW.   

Have a good week everyone :)