My Christmas List

It's started.  Last year, I was on maternity leave during the holiday season and came to the conclusion that tackling the holiday decorating at our house was best done in a few small increments as opposed to one entire day during Thanksgiving Break.  This is because I have one vague memory of a Saturday after Thanksgiving, being knee-deep in garland, starting to grow cross eyed from little white lights, and forgoing plans of a simple night munching on appetizers and sipping on wine because my decorating overkill was making me feel like Scrooge.  I remember being high up on a chair in my kitchen, stringing lights on yet another piece of garland, crying and hating Christmas decorating.  And that, my friends, is when my marathon decorating spree came to an end.  Because like anything around the holidays, I was so over the over-done-ness.  So, instead of cutting back (after all, those poor pieces of garland look forward to their month of fresh air), I decided to spread out my decorating.  And while it's tradition to trim our tree and put the final touches on our little gingerbread house the weekend after Thanksgiving, I'm a much happier elf when the job is half done by then.  Let's just say I have a lot of Christmas trees for a little house ;)

So, little by little, I have packed away fall and began to string our house with evergreen and sparkly lights.  Surprisingly so, Cruz is pretty disinterested in the decor thus far, however, I'm holding my breath until the tree is up.  I have a feeling he won't lay peacefully under the tree like he did at this time last year ;).  Just as long as the tree doesn't end up on top of him!

Today, I'm listening to Christmas music for the first time this season, dreaming of nights at home with my boys by the fire, watching Elf or It's a Wonderful Life, or snuggling as a family in a dimly lit church on Christmas Eve.  The magic of the season is inspiring to me, a reason to revisit old memories of familiar holiday traditions, and a call to create and add to the bank of new ones.  Because there will always be Celine Dion's Christmas CD (sorry Beau), green Cornflake Christmas wreaths with a hint of almond, and a new pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve.  But this year will also bring new, unexpected, and welcomed traditions for our family.  Traditions fit for a toddler in training.  I wonder if Raffi has a Christmas CD?

So, this blog would not be complete without a list.  A list for the season of magic, of old and new traditions, and of course, a night of blanket tents and Elf.  

1.  Put flannel sheets on our bed
2.  Go see Santa - except I think Cruz Man will be terrified
3.  Go look at Christmas lights in our pjs
4.  Complete several random acts of kindness around our city
5.  Fill an advent calendar for Cruz with little treats and lots of fun activities to complete together
6.  Go sledding
7.  Buy a fun winter hat
8.  Jingle and Mingle on Main with the girls (and Beau and Jordan)
9.  Me, a bowl of popcorn, and Jimmy Stewart from It's a Wonderful Life
10. Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas with Cruz
11. New pajamas for all of us.  A Christmas Eve tradition.
12. One, just one, last minute shopping trip.  
13. A movie theater night with Beau - 'tis the season for really great blockbusters!
14. A gingerbread house
15. A quick pit-stop on the way to work for a red Starbuck's cup filled with Eggnog Latte