It's Parenthood.

Well, it's been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs this past week or so, but I'm feeling like we're turning a corner tonight.  I would have never guessed this if you asked me last night as I was shivering from the couch, wrapped in blankets, nursing my fifth or so consecutive day of fever.  I would have never guessed this if you asked me this morning when a disheveled Beau made his way up from the basement holding a wide-eyed (and not sleepy) Cruz and woke me up to inform me it was 6:37, exactly 33 MINUTES FROM THE TIME I HAVE TO BE OUT THE DOOR FOR WORK!  At this point, I probably would have bypassed the shower, however, after freezing, then sweating, freezing, and then sweating some more all night last night, a shower was a must.  And Cruz, who last night decided he wasn't exactly tired, decided to wake up at around one a.m., and go on a house tour of sleep positions with his father.  So, while my dear husband watched Wolf Man with Cruz at 3 o'clock in the morn., I laid in bed and felt like a middle aged woman in menopause.  

Earlier this week, I was hit by the strep throat bug that was circulating at Cruz's daycare, as well as the hallways at school.  I have never had strep throat, however, knew that the fever, chills, and disgusting white spots on my throat spoke more than a simple sore throat.  This lovely little bug followed a cold and sinus infection just a week before---needless to say, I am ready to feel back to normal again.  Thankfully, my boys have stayed healthy thus far, and I'm praying it continues to stay this way.  Like I said, we're on the up swing.  

Despite my attempts to gargle with saltwater, flood my throat with liquids, and go through an endless supply of Vitamin C drops, we've been having fun at the Jorgensen residence.  I guess you have no other choice when you become a parent.  Cruz doesn't exactly understand the 'put-on-my-favorite-pair-of-mukluks-and-sip-a-hot-cup-of-tea' remedy to fight the cold and flu bug.  So, we take care of each other, the three of us, in the best way we know how.  Beau, by filling up my purple UNI water bottle and forcing me to get my liquids, Me, by surprising Beau with a home-cooked meal of raviolis and red sauce when he arrived home tonight, and Cruz, by giving us lots to laugh about.  After all, they do say laughter is the best medicine...
Urlacher is a Walker...
That's right, Cruz is walking up a storm.  He went from a couple wobbly steps, to a few steady ones, to now, walking across a room, in a matter of a few weeks.  While he can crawl much faster, and still chooses this the majority of the time, we can get up and go pretty easy.  He keeps his balance best when he's not excited, however, this is tough as HE'S ALWAYS EXCITED to be walking!  He thinks he's super cool, and since there's usually a target in sight (a great grandpa in Scheels, egg shakers at Kindermusik, or a kitty cat in the living room) he is very determined to reach his destination.  I love the walking and can't wait to chase him around this winter!

I love Beau's face here.  Now that's a watchful daddy...

And when Cruz isn't walking on his own two feet, he's become pretty good at walking on his knees.  I tell him he looks a little silly, however, I'm learning Cruz is a lot like his dad---the giggles instigate him!

His 'Urlacher' face---


Since he was very young, Cruz has loved playing.  Lately, I've been attempting to rotate his toys, keeping different toys in different rooms to try and maintain a 'newness' factor.  It's hilarious watching him concentrate on a new discovery and begin to show evidence of quite an imagination.  Lately, he carries a toy spatula (thank Kyle and Jen), and a plastic cup around wherever he goes.  Then, he finds little objects around the house to put in his cup and 'stir' with his spatula.  Little slips of paper, leftover Cheerios, cat food, you name it.  I'm just glad to see it's not going in his mouth. 

An Apple a Day

Cruz is hilarious with apples.  It's the only food he actually slows down to eat.  I think that's because he actually prefers the skin on the apple and would store it in his cheeks like a chipmunk if I'd allow it.  He's happiest when it's fresh out of the fridge, but will stay busy in his highchair for a half hour at a time.  He takes a bite, chews for awhile, then laughs at himself as if he knows he's definitely too little to be eating apples like that.  We monitor, however, usually with Flip cameras and DSLRs in hand.  


Gotta have a close up...

I couldn't resist.  Cruz thought it was funny.

Cruz may not know the meaning of most of the 'words' he spouts off on a daily basis, there's one word he knows: HI.  He says 'hi' at all the right times---in the morning when we get him from his crib, when he peeks around the bathroom door in the morning as his dad is getting ready, or right before he nuzzles into my shoulder after greeting a young girl.  He knows it works, therefore, he plays on his strengths.  If I could have a dollar every time I heard his high-pitched 'hi' throughout the day, I'd be a wealthy woman!  

While recovery has been slower than normal, and I haven't been able to bounce back as quick as I may have pre-Cruz, I'm enjoying my medicine.  I guess it's just one of those things---kind of like the fact that I know the words to Raffi's 'Down by the Bay' by heart, but struggle to keep up with the latest chart-topper on iTunes.  It's why Hop on Pop is read more than my students' persuasive essays, or why my quick and easy ten-minute ravioli tasted far better tonight because Cruz decided he liked it, too. 

It's parenthood, and it's just right.  

And now, for your viewing pleasure, proof that Cruz is a walking machine!