Q-Connect Executive Fountain Pen

The Q-Connect Executive Fountain Pen was another pen that was sent to me to review, courtesy of OfficeHero. Apparently Q-Connect is a fairly prevalent office supply company in Europe, but I had not heard of it until I saw it on OfficeHero.

This pen looks like an "executive" pen, but the price is very economical. OfficeHero sells this pen for £4.60, which, as of today, equates to just over $7.00 (U.S.) 
Of course there are many pens that you can buy cheap that you will probably hate, so I popped in the short international cartridge that came with the pen to try it out. 

The nib is a machine stamped I.P.G. (Iridium Point Germany), and for the most part, it looks alright. I am not a big fan of yellow gold, so I am biased, but this pen also has a flaw in the coloration where the nib meets the grip section. Outside of that, the nib has a nice size and shape to it. 

In my Rhodia Reverse Book, this pen performed surprisingly well. I didn't experience any skipping and the feeling of the nib was nearly "buttery-smooth." I did make note that the pen is quite heavy when the cap is posted on the back, but it felt pretty good, to me, when it was un-posted. 

As far as size goes, the Q-Connect Executive Fountain Pen (shown on the bottom) was about the same size as a Lamy Safari (middle), and noticeably larger than a Pelikan M205 (top).

Overall, if you like medium nibs and just want something you can bring around without an alarming concern of losing your pen, this would be a very good option. How many pens do you know of where you can get a German-made nib, metal construction, and the ability to use short international cartridges in one? I'm sure there are a handful out there, but now you know of one more.