Last week, we had a birthday...

And we partied.  A lot.

This might have something to do with the fact that I'm spending this week grappling to catch up with all the other pieces of my life that took a back seat to The Twelve Days of Cruz.  

We celebrated with 'Birthday Boy' shirts and brightly wrapped presents.  Cruz didn't really understand the concept of opening the presents, but thoroughly enjoyed climbing and sitting on the wrapped boxes, using them as snare drums, and pulling off little pieces of paper and trying them out for taste. 

We celebrated with lots of new treasures---uniquely fun Tobbles and a Little People Farm Set.  A sock monkey umbrella and pirate rain gear.  A piano with all the right tunes and keys, a totally cool Bears outfit, and a work bench complete with a hammer and six different shapes.

Thankful to have a new toy room for all the new toys!  

We celebrated with an afternoon at Phelps Youth Pavilion, an amazing space for kids of all ages to explore and experience history, science, and creativity.  Beau and I wanted to play like little kids, and in a few short hours we drove tractors, planted a garden, milked cows, built a fort with life-size blocks, and played a game of miniature golf. 

We celebrated with Cruz's favorite: macaroni and cheese and diced pears.

And, for the grand finale, we celebrated with a Scratch cupcake.  An 'Oh, Happy Day' cupcake that Cruz totally dug.  

Love this picture.  Think he had enough frosting?

 Our boy is one!  It's been quite a year---here's hoping for lots more fun and extra cupcakes in year TWO!