Twitter update week 38: news about kids growing up globally

Sorry to have become a little slack about writing my twitter updates. I posted a comment on an interesting blog Expat with Kids. She wrote a post about third culture kids and she has several posts on this topic. She gave me a compliment for my twitter update which made me feel I must write a new update.

Autumn started today on this side of the globe
This is what I twittered about recently. I hope the links lead you to information you are looking for. By the way autumn started today on this side of the globe.

Are you a third culture kid? Do you agree with the term? Read blog for some thoughts:

Infographic of the modern third culture kid: via interesting! Home? = complicated 

Great article Sharing TCK experience thro' design Nice information package on TCKs international project?

6 Positive strategies to make a teenage repatriation less traumatic:
any advice?

Heard of the ? visit site and click on "news" to read an interview by South China Morning Post 

Culture shock: 24/7 or never again?   

Social media: What parents should know important for TCKs

Post by WifeinaSuitcase English as She is Spoke* Is it "rubbish" or "garbage"?

TCK How to Cope with Change: my top 5 tips

Are you global minded? How about your kids? What are you doing about it?

Love the suggestions in this blog post! Responsible global citizenship builds bridges  

5 things to look for in your college hunt, part of our guide for : .

What kind of stressors affect our TCK kids during times of transition?  

Have you heard this? 101 pianos set up in Tilburg - play me, I'm yours!!

Nederlandse kinderen in het in : artikel bij wat vindt jij ervan?

If you would like to read more twitter updates about children growing up in other cultures:
 Please add your news or links. It's all about children growing up in other cultures. Thanks.