Fair Trade Feature: Greenola

Hello all :) I'm really excited to share this feature with you. I've been crazy busy with school and it's about damn time I gave you something to read!

Choosing eco-friendly fashion isn't just about shopping for sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. It's about keeping in mind where your clothes are coming from. Many consumers fail to realize the atrocities involved with garment manufacturing. I was absolutely appalled when I read about the rape factory in Jordan. Sure, those clothes may be cheap, but those prices don't factor in abuse.

That's why I'm happy to have discovered Greenola. Greenola features beautiful accessories and clothing handmade by Bolivian women. Through their work, these women are able to support not only themselves, but their community as well. Everything from Greenola directly supports the fair trade movement and the fight against unfair labor. Here are some of my favorite items, I adore them!

From left to right: RAYA Infinity Scarf, CALYPSO Semi-Precious Stone Bracelet, TACHE Handwoven Purse

Founder, Jennifer Moran, is extremely passionate about her work. Even after only a few online exchanges, I could tell how important this cause is to her.
"I am inspired to create a Responsible Style Revolution. We currently can pick any food item off the shelf and choose exactly what we put into our bodies. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about fashion. We read the label and have no idea who made the garment, or what goes into making the fabric... With Greenola, we have full transparency."
Besides running a fashion business the way it should be run, Jennifer has also teamed up with Solidarity Bridge, an organization that helps bring medical aid to impoverished Bolivian communities. 10% of every purchase is donated to the charity, helping the Bolivian population overcome such severe poverty.

So now's your chance to support a good cause and scoop up some cute stuff! Jennifer has supplied me with a coupon code, specifically for you lovely readers. Enter the code FORTHELOVE at checkout and receive 20% your entire order (one per customer, expires 12/31/2011). Oh, did I mention that everything is crazy affordable to begin with? Happy shopping!

Interested in the history of Greenola and it's founder, Jennifer Moran? Check out this article (page 5).