Cruz Loves Clothespins

The older (and more importantly, mobile) Cruz gets, the harder it is to take pictures of him.  Actually, the older and more importantly, mobile Cruz gets, the harder it is to do anything.  In order to successfully change his diaper, he typically needs to be holding (and chewing) on his toothbrush.  In order to successfully prepare his supper, he typically needs to be munching on Gerber Veggie Sticks from the comfort of his highchair.  And in order to successfully snap a picture of Cruz, he needs clothespins.  Yes, clothespins.  

My jar of clothespins can distract this child more than just about anything.  First he lifts up the entire jar and shakes it a bit, hoping the pins will explode from the top like confetti.  Then, he pounds on the jar lid as if it's his very own snare drum.  Next, he unscrews the top, and pulls out pin after pin after pin.  It's adorable to see how he concentrates on this process, his big, nearly-brown eyes focused on the prize.  And while he plays, I snap away, hoping to stop time one more time from behind my lens.

I love a boy in blue.  I think it's his best color.