This June...

I'm enjoying...

Baby Skin.  I'm appreciating the warm temperatures now more than ever.  I don't have to bundle and strap a layered baby in a cold car seat, don't have to spend fifteen minutes dressing him only to undress him once inside, and don't have to hide his adorable chubby legs and round little toes with winter clothes.  Yes, there's nothing as simple and good as a baby in a onesie.  Iowa grass is thick and soft, and provides the perfect blanket for an afternoon outside.  So far, Cruz is content just sitting; however, he's getting slightly more aggressive the more comfortable he gets in his surroundings.  Oh, and did I mention he thinks the wind is funny?  

Pink peonies.  Last year, I had two blooms; this year, I doubled my quota.  If it weren't for the ant colonies, I'd fill my house with their fragrance.  It makes me feel old, proper, and ladylike to have vases of fresh picked flowers in the house.

A Nook Book Ad.  I think my husband is a bit prodigious when it comes to reading.  He loves to read and is quite good at it.  And because I think this is quite sexy (not to mention he is a wonderful man and father), I splurged and bought him a Nook Color for his birthday and first Father's Day.  He loves it, and has already purchased and finished his first Nook Book...The Hobbit.  I love when he reads, and what's even better is when he reads in the hammock while Cruz naps on his chest.  Somebody pinch me.


Baby Sunscreen.  It smells so good and reminds me of my days working at the pool.  I think it's funny that I have to completely cover Cruz's white blond head, hair and all!   

Rainbow Pants.  Cruz is rockin' the big boy pajamas, and by big boy, I mean tiny little leggings with rainbow colors and an underwear-like waistband. 

A sun tan.  I've always been a sun goddess, but never thought I would care about the tanning abilities of my offspring.  After a day in the sun on Sunday, Cruz was one bronze baby.  And with his very blond hair, he looked just like pictures of his daddy. 


Bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Not the best when paired together, as the chalk dust sticks to the bubble soap like flies on a sippy cup, but there's nothing cuter than a baby foot sprinkled with a little fairy dust... 

New experiences.  When you're a baby, almost everything is a new experience.  And with summer in full swing, the baby book can't keep up with all the new things Cruz is seeing, tasting, and experiencing.  While he was a little more timid in the water than I expected him to be, there are some things that shock me silly.  Our latest try...lemon wedges.

I nonchalantly let Cruz try the lemon from my iced tea.  I even called Beau over to witness what I was hoping would be a hilarious reaction from Cruz.  

He loved it!  Smacked his lips, stared at me for approval, and reached for it again, mouth opened-wide to catch his prey.    

I'm enjoying...

all that is summertime.