The Cape...Part 2

Day Two of our trip to the Cape brought sunshine and more seafood!  We decided to be tourists and explore the town of Hyannis, one of the hot tourist spots along the Cape.  Until using my handy map app. on my phone, I had no idea that Cape Cod actually consisted of 14 small little towns along the easternmost part of Massachusetts.  Every little town has something unique to offer, and one could spend weeks exploring it all.  From the very tip of the Cape, Provincetown, to Plymouth, with its Rock and Mayflower, to quaint little Brewster, our destination for Chris and Carlie's wedding.  In addition to the little towns are two well-known vacation spots: Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island.  So, long story short, there was much to see and little time to see it!  Instead of attempting to see it all, we decided on a 'less is more' mentality and stay in one or two locations.  

And it didn't take long to fall in love with little Hyannis!

The streets were lined with eclectic little gift shops, all filled authentic coastal decor.  Real seashells and starfish, buoys, beach-inspired artwork, and sailboats.  Pirate ships for Cruz, pirate maps for Beau, and even Cats Meow Village houses that my mom used to collect...tiny little hand-painted wood houses that mimic the real deal.  Since I used the surf shack idea to decorate Cruz's room, I was in Heaven!  Let's just say I responded to missing him by buying him lots of goodies!  Cape Cod t-shirts with glow-in-the-dark pirates, a red lobster stuffed animal, a pirate ship, sweatshirt, a vintage sock monkey lunchbox, and yes, his very own pirate map!   

And besides buying for my own kid, I felt like kid in Kandy Korner, the coolest candy shoppe I've ever been to.  Fresh, salt water taffy is handmade in front of the bay window that overlooks the street.  Homemade fudge, gelato, and caramel corn sit behind a glass case as long as the store.  And little glass candy jars are filled with every kind of candy you could imagine.  

We walked, we shopped, we stopped for cappuccinos and Italian sodas, and did a great job sight-seeing...

I took a picture of the town library for my mom.  She has a thing for little book nooks!

And the first-ever Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shack...

If only our town had a 'Walkway to the Sea' street sign!

Our next stop of the day was Hyannis Harbor.  It was as if this little street sign led to something directly out of a movie set.  Workers filling fishing boats with supplies for a deep sea fishing excursion, couples on bicycles riding down the wood planked deck, and groups of friends sharing laughs and sweet teas off the deck of Baxter's Fish and Chips.  I loved this harbor and could have hung out all day.

I picked out the boat that would be mine...

And, I was even able to cross another 101 in 1001 off my list!  

A seafood clambake by the sea!

The 'hog' looks a little different in this region of the US!

With another full stomach, our day in Hyannis had come to an end.  We were off in our rental to explore one more part of the Cape, and sink our toes in a private beach wedding.