Who would've thunk it?!

...how fast babies grow out of their clothes!  I knew the months would go by fast, but when you stack the fourth eighteen-gallon Rubbermaid full of clothes onto the next one, it's really put in perspective.  So now that the next Baby Gap size covers a six-month range instead of three, does that mean Cruz stops growing so fast?  

And the cute little hooded towels?  We realized it was time to move up a size when it seemed as if we were attempting to wrap a washcloth around all them baby rolls! 

...while sleepers are still my favorite night-time attire, Baby Gap's sleep sets are hilariously cute.  According to the fluorescent yellow tag we cut from the newest set, the pajamas are skin tight to avoid a fire hazard.  This is probably there for a reason much like the 'Caution: Hot' sticker that's on every coffee cup at McDonalds.  Who knew?!  I personally think the pajamas are skin tight to show off the little man's bod, but it's good knowing I can rest a little easier now that he's wearing fire-safe pjs.

"I hate when my mom talks about my bod!"

...When we shop, I feel this urge to want to buy everything for my child.  I can't walk down a toy aisle without immediately trying to justify why Cruz needs a LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table or a Little Tikes Tap n' Tunes Baby Piano.  Friday night, we took our first family trip to Toys R Us since having Cruz...I can now see why parents avoid this place at all costs!  While Cruz watched wide-eyed and patient from his cart, Beau and I made a deal that we would each pick one toy.  After all, we are both pretty good parents.  I think Cruz is enjoying our reward too.

...Cruz LOVES it outside.  He loves exploring the grass between his little fingers, or the bird he can't quite locate in the tree above him.  He loves getting to know the neighborhood, the walk down the sidewalk, the park in our backyard, and the dog next door.  The other day, after our umpteenth graduation party, Beau and Cruz retreated to the backyard for an afternoon nap.  I bought Beau a hammock for his first 'soon-to-be' Father's Day last year...he put it to good use on Saturday.  An image in my head brought to life before my eyes... 

...how meal plans on the fridge of parmesan-crusted chicken with capers, or grilled cedar-plank salmon can morph into meal plans of pureed butternut squash and sweet potatoes, rutabaga and carrots, and baby's first chicken casserole.  I still love being in the kitchen, but would rather spend my nights in front of my little Beaba Cooker than the stovetop.  I've promised to reignite my love of adult cuisine this summer, but am looking forward to filling a freezer full of baby smoothies and baby guacamole, too.

...the change you feel in your life in a matter of one year.  Last year, I was a pregnant, nesting one, seeking to dig my dust-mop in every crevice in the house.  This summer, I'm a mama, ready to let the dust build a little bit.  Ready for picnics, bonfires, and sweaty babies.