Seven Months - At Play Photo Shoot

Last week, we were finally able to strike a compromise with Mother Nature and get outside for Cruz's 'six month' photo shoot.  We traded rain for 90 degree temps in April!  After cancelling a few times due to rain, colds, and just generally yucky weather, we were determined to get outside, humidity and all!  

We trudged through prairie grass, ducked under branches, swerved around thistles, and found the perfect little spot to capture our family at this stage in Cruz's first-year journey.  Cruz was turning on the charm for the first half, but the heat eventually got to him!  He was so tired by the end of the session that he fell asleep as Beau was carrying him to the car.  Darcy happened to snap one of my favorite shots during this moment.

So thankful for all the memories frozen in time.  

Check our session out here: