Find New Homes For Your Junk... Out In Your Yard

In the age of sustainable design, why is it that I still find myself driving by mountains of junk sitting in front of people's homes waiting for trash pick up? Instead of spending tons of money at home stores and nurseries why not repurpose your old junk into new landscape creations.

Anything can be reused or repurposed with a little elbow grease. Do you have an old, broken ironing board you want to get rid of? How about turning that old ironing board into a plant shelf or maybe a whimsical cocktail bar?

There are so many options when you reuse or repurpose things you consider junk. An old BBQ can become a fire pit or a rustic planter, broken pottery or glass can become decorative mulch for planters, old counter tops can be broken into pieces and become stepping stones, the list truly is endless.

Anyone can be green and practice sustainability if you stop and think before you throw things away. Take a step back and look at the item, use a little imagination, you never know what you might come up with. People always use the expression, "one man's junk is another man's treasure", but maybe we can figure out how our own junk can be made into our own treasure?