It was a weekend of 'firsts' for Cruz.  First bowl of pears.  First feel of grass between his chubby fingers.  First non-family babysitter.  And first taste of Hanson's Dairy ice cream.

 And with all the new changes coming his way, Cruz is proving to be a cultivated little soul.  He loves just about anything (minus having his nose wiped, cheeks lotioned, or face washed) and is quite the team player.  He sleeps when he's tired, lets us know when he's hungry, and is ready to party the rest of the time.  

Saturday was a day of visitors.  Grandma Kelly was missing her grandson, and came to spend the afternoon with us.  Cruz showed her all his new tricks, and made sure to turn on the charm and cuddle during nap time.  Great Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, too, and got to see Cruz's sweet skills in his jumper.  He thinks he's king of the world in that thing!

Saturday night, we hired our first official 'babysitter.'  One of Cruz's daycare 'girlfriends' took care of him while we enjoyed a night of steaks and dueling pianos at the 501 Steakhouse in Waterloo.  While we caught up with friends to the sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody, it was comforting to know our little man was in good hands.  It's funny the things you realize now as parents that I never really understood before.  I babysat a lot when I was younger, but I never realized the true 'worth' of a good babysitter until becoming a parent.  Blessed are the college girls who give up a Saturday night to play with our little Cruz Dude!  

Sunday was the first day that truly felt like Spring to me.  We joined in on the neighborhood party, you know, the one that spontaneously occurs that first real day of Spring.  The one where kids holler and run up and down the sidewalks, and parents wave to one another and yell, 'Isn't is gorgeous?' from the other side of the street.  The one where families come out of hibernation, consider watering lawns, but settle for sitting on the front steps, or lounging on a blanket stacking plastic cups and sucking in the fresh breeze that sometimes blows a little too hard and takes the baby's breath away.


That one.

Hello, Spring.  Please stay awhile.