Little Bunny

Last year, I celebrated Easter with a little 'bun'ny in the oven.  I bought my first plush bunny, filled an Easter basket just so, and ate an extra Cadbury Egg (or two).  It was a special holiday, as it was the first one since becoming pregnant, and the first one to view through the rose-colored 'mom-to-be' glasses that just made everything a little more sentimental and sweet.  

Last year, this soft little plush bunny sat untouched in a perfectly placed Easter basket, a basket that honored a baby who was about the size of a strawberry.

And this year...

My little 'strawberry' is a watermelon.  A watermelon who giggles and sits up tall and tries to eat the ear off the poor plush bunny.

Easter is coming.  Bunnies and babies and eggs and chocolate.  "Christ the Lord is Risen Today," "He Arose," and "Because He Lives."  Pastels and potato salad, bonnets and breakfast at church.  Hope in an empty tomb and praise to the One who paid it all.


...a poor plush bunny and his new friend.