Another busy weekend...

It was another whirlwind weekend of running all over the place and seeing lots of people.  Poor Cruz was in and out of his car seat so much he didn't know what was going on.  He'd fall asleep in the car, wake up in a new environment just long enough to get used to his surroundings, and then back in the car for another round of sleeping, waking, and pooping.  Are we bad parents for choosing to be fast at Target instead of taking the time to change his diaper?  He was sleeping so peacefully and I hated to unbuckle him for the twenty minutes we would be there.  He didn't mind, but I'm pretty sure the young women in the wrapping paper aisle had another thing to say...

Speaking of Target, the highlight of my weekend:

Okay, maybe not the 'highlight,' but for a woman like me, cleaning becomes even more appealing when I have a new product to play with.  Our durable, hand-me-down vacuum cleaner has been smelling like burnt rubber for weeks now and it was time to replace it.  Target had an excellent deal on a two-pack of Orecks, so I now have a new vacuum, as well as a hand held 'sidekick' with a shoulder strap and six attachment hoses.  Let's just say I'm now motivated to vacuum corners of the house that haven't been touched for three years!

We saw so many people this weekend, I can hardly keep track.  Friday night, after dinner with my boys at Pablo's, I watched some pretty talented kiddos perform 'You Can't Take It With You,' at the NU Spring Play.  Saturday morning, Cruz had some Grandma-time in Allison while I attended a baby shower for Andrea.  And Saturday night, Cruz had some Grandma and Grandpa time with Beau's parents while Beau and I attended our first Frozen Pepper Party.

About fifteen years ago, eight men sought out to host the biggest party in Iowa.  Now, the eight 'original' peppers, along with 17 'Friends of the Peppers', host a party in Waterloo each year, deemed the biggest party in Iowa.  It's a secret society of sorts and Beau and I were asked to be on the guest list by Andy, a guy from his networking group.  With a band, free beer, and all the Townhouse Tenderloins you could eat, this was definitely the place to be Saturday night!  And it's crazy when you put that many people in the same room, how many people you end up knowing one way or another!  We danced, mingled, and met some pretty cool people last night and just about stayed up until midnight.  :Just About:

Sunday was filled with lots of Cruz time and the beginning of a new hobby (or obsession).  Stay tuned for that one.  Bacon and eggs and some laundry, pizza at the OP with Mark and Janet and Jillian and Rob, a run to Target, and a clean kitchen.  A much-needed cool down after a crazy weekend.  One week to go before a much-welcomed Spring Break week.'s coming.  

I'll close the page of this first weekend in March with some pictures of our growing boy.  He's hilarious and fills our days with so many laughs, I truly have no idea how we stayed occupied before him.  His personality reminds me so much of his dad, and lately, he's morphing into his mama's boy more and more.  He's a good mix, I think.  

But above all, he's just Cruz.