Valentines Day for the Planet

by Katy Green

Every Valentines Day we rush to get flowers, bake cookies and book dinner reservations for our loved ones to show how much they mean to us.

Well, what if we could show the same love for the Earth on Valentines Day and then every day after that? Don't wait for Earth Day to make a difference in your surroundings!

There are many ways to make a carbon love print and you can start on February 14th! It is easy and won't take much time. If every person that reads this article sends it to at least five of their loved ones and they participate think of the impact on the planet and the people we love daily.

Ways to be Eco Friendly on Valentines Day:
  • Waste -Replace paper cups, Styrofoam cups and plastic bottles with glass, travel mugs and vintage cups.
  • Water- Don't run the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Electric Conservation - turn off lights when not in use and plug out electric appliances when dormant.
  • Pollution - don't buy stuff you don't need and clear the clutter
  • Donate - give away clothes, shoes, phones, old computers to recycling centers and to non profit organizations that need it. 
  • Recycle - recycle magazine, newspapers and paper of any kind.
  • Precycle - don't buy anything that produces more waste
 Waste not want not....