Oscar Green Carpet Dress

by Katy Green

Livia Firth - Photo by Jason Olive

The Oscars are a love for many for multiple reasons - the winners, the speeches, the glam but what is twittered, spoken, viraled and expressed a zillion times the day after? Not who won but which star wore what designer?

Oscar fashion is a big deal so it is great to see that Colin Firth's wife Livia Firth went for a greenista approach and decided to wear a recycled gown composed of 11 reclaimed dresses according to Ecorazzi.com.

Can you believe that all the pieces that were we are used to make the dress are from the same era as The King’s Speech.
This is a wonderful approach to green glamour.

For more information on Livia Firth, check out her blog post on Vogue.com