The Pitfalls of Dancing Before the Chickens Are Up

Woo-Hoo! I made it to 5:45 Jazzercise. Casey (Jazzercise instructor extraordinairre) graciously offered to call and roust me from my slumber due to my unfortunate tendency to hit the snooze button. What I found out, is that the anticipation of a phone call will keep me awake just as good as the actual call. As I move slowly before daylight--a natural biological reaction to being up at unnatural hours--I have to get up at 5 in order to be out the door at 5:30. I assumed that Casey would have to get up even earlier because she has to get their early and she lives farther away. I was wrong. As she informed me when she called at 5:20, she gets up at 10 after and is in the car by 20 after. Add this to the long list of her amazing feats.
You might be surprised to hear me say this, but there are a whole lot of positive things about 5:45 Jazzercise. The biggest thing is Casey. There is a very short list of people I will get up at 5am for. She is on it. Casey makes me forget I'm exercising. She's part stand-up comedienne, part aerobics instructor. Also, I like her music choices: she almost always punts in some funk. Casey has a special place in my heart because she was my first Jazzercise instructor, and saw me through a 40 lb. weight loss. (I haven't gained all of it back. I wouldn't have gained any of it back if she hadn't gone missing on me, but that's another story.) Anyway, she encouraged, cajoled and browbeat me out of 40 lbs, and became my friend in the process. Also in the positive column, there are some great people who show up at 5:45. Connie, who I met in faux-Greer Jazzercise several years ago. Connie always adds a lot to a Jazzercise class. Why, just this morning, she had the brilliant idea that we should shoot all the skinny people. Unfortunately, as satisfying as that might initially be, it would leave us woefully short of Jazzercise instructors. I met my new best friend for life, Deanna, this morning. Deanna is skinny, and she is a fellow Mocha Moolatte fan (although she gets the regular, not the Mega Moo). Deanna gives me hope. One day, when I am skinny, I can drink Mocha Moo Lattes with impunity. Also, fellow blogger Vondra is in the 5:45 class. Her blog (30minutesofwonderful) is inspirational. Check it out!
However, although there are all the wonderful things I've been going on about, there are pitfalls to Jazzercise at 5:45. For one thing, I've been starving (and eating like a horse) all day. Also, I was yawning at 7pm, and ready for bed by 8, which is just not practical.
Maybe next week I can get my body clock reset. But, tomorrow is Friday, and we're going to Charleston! See y'all on Monday!!