One Step Up and Two Steps Back

I'm off to a good start--it's Monday, and I made it to 8:15 Jazzercise!! Whoo-Hoo!! Of course, Demon Diane had the microphone this morning, and inflicted great pain and suffering on us all. I swear, she enjoys hearing us whine! I'm not joking. At one point, she even said we had to keep doing this Chinese torture move until we all whined!! The girl is sadistic. Then, while the music was changing, she says, "Okay, let's get that next hurting song on."
I'm just wondering if maybe the woman that gets up on stage is her alternate personality--you know, like Sybil. Cause before she gets that microphone, she's all,"How y'all doing, how was vacation," and all that. But put her on the stage and give her a microphone and let the agony begin.
But, as Myra would say, I'm sure it's good for me...
Eating was a mixed bag today. I started off all right, with a low-fat blueberry muffin and a Starbucks non-fat mocha (no Mega Moo Mocha Moo Latte--sob!). But the for lunch I had leftovers--it's sinful to waste food. Sweet Onion Risotto with Chicken Cacciatore. Yum. I love Risotto. It's the ultimate starch. So creamy and rich...I ate it for dinner, too. And then I had a cupcake. It was here, okay? As I have often maintained, I have a complete lack of self-discipline.
Writing went well today. I got a lot of polishing done on the first three chapters of LCB, and worked on chapter four. It's coming. I feel good about it...or is that the sugar high?